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Puja and Arush, separated by five thousand miles are steadfastly committed to each other. They believe they can make it work —until time zones and life get in the way.
Meanwhile Sujit, trapped between his troubled past and turbulent present, desperately wants to break free, but does not know how to. He hopes to make things right with Puja —but will she ever forgive him?

Even as the three of them grapple with life in the post-pandemic world, each must discover their calling, manage family, relationships and their own unruly emotions. But then, no one said adulting was easy.

This is the story of three young people from starkly different backgrounds with intertwined fates, fighting for what they value most. What will they have to give up to get what they want?

From the award-winning author of When Love Came Calling comes an uplifting, relatable tale brimming with life lessons and hope.