When a woman’s secret past comes back to haunt her present, threatening to shatter it all, will it be fight, flight or, finally, freedom for her?

In the windowless, cramped servant’s room at Mrs Shetty’s luxurious house, where her mother is a maid, Alka dreams of an escape. When Mrs. Shetty decides to send her to the same school as her daughter, she works hard, moulding herself into a new avatar.

She marries Subbu, a coffee grower with a four hundred acre estate. Between taking care of her heritage home, her two young daughters and her fabulous relationship with her mother-in-law, Alka’s life feels complete.

But when secrets about her past that she has fiercely guarded are exposed, they threaten to destroy her life. To protect all that she has, Alka must fight her demons and travel back to the world she worked so hard to leave behind.

A Place Called Home is a novel about secrets, family, and finding yourself, by bestselling author Preeti Shenoy.


5 tips to make a change in your life starting NOW 1. Rest more — your mind and body 2. Hydrate. Drink water 💧throughout the day 3. Meditate for ten mins 4. Walk outside 5. Put away all your screens an hour before bedtime #WednesdayMotivation #TipsforaBetterLife

Stop beating up yourself about actions from your past. You did the best you could at that point of time with all the knowledge you possessed back then. You are not the same person now. #WednesdayMotivation #wednesdaythought

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