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Puja and Arush, separated by five thousand miles are steadfastly committed to each other. They believe they can make it work —until time zones and life get in the way.
Meanwhile Sujit, trapped between his troubled past and turbulent present, desperately wants to break free, but does not know how to. He hopes to make things right with Puja —but will she ever forgive him?

Even as the three of them grapple with life in the post-pandemic world, each must discover their calling, manage family, relationships and their own unruly emotions. But then, no one said adulting was easy.

This is the story of three young people from starkly different backgrounds with intertwined fates, fighting for what they value most. What will they have to give up to get what they want?

From the award-winning author of When Love Came Calling comes an uplifting, relatable tale brimming with life lessons and hope.


1. Giving too much: Most of us give a LOT more than we receive. Somehow we are conditioned to do this. We give and give. It’s not a bad thing, but we need to be aware of it, and learn to say no.

2. Not having own bank account: Insist on your own account—whether you are a career woman or a home maker. It’s your nest egg, and you must have it. Money=Freedom

3. Ignoring health: As I grow older, I realise the only true treasure is health. Being healthy and fit means an improved quality of life. Move a lot, exercise. Eat clean and lift weights.

4. Clinging on to toxic friendships/relationships: I have made this mistake where I have clung on to friendships that have gone past the expriy date. If you are the one always making the efforts, and always messaging, rethink what you get out of it. Let it go, if doesn’t serve you.

5. Constantly comparing: We’re all guilty of this. One moment we feel good about our lives. Next we see something on social media and we begin subconsciously comparing and worrying we aren’t good enough. Don’t!  Everyone’s journey os different.

6. Postponing dreams: Women are especially susceptible to this.We wait for our kids to grow, we wait for x or y to happen and most of us somehow end up postponing what we truly want. Don’t!

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✨1. Make a blue print for yourself:  Be very clear about what you will tolerate and what you won’t in various situations. Take time to think about it, and write it down. This is for yourself, so you have a clear ‘internal guideline’.

✨2. Communicate Clearly: When you find that someone violates these guidelines you set, express to them your needs and boundaries politely  and respectfully. Tell them why it matters to you.

✨3. Say No Without Guilt: Learn to say no to requests or demands that overwhelm or drain you without feeling guilty. Prioritize your mental peace over anything else.

✨4. Prioritize Self-Care: Make time for activities that rejuvenate and fulfill you, outside of your usual work.. I draw every single day. This will fill you with joy, and make you happy with yourself, putting you in a position to enforce your boundaries better.

✨5. Be Consistent: Stick to your boundaries consistently to reinforce them and ensure others respect them. Example: I have a rule where no one is allowed to interrupt my writing time (unless it is an emergency). I enforce this strictly.

✨6. Manage Your Time:  Try to optimise the time you spend doing various activities. Allocate time for important  work, set aside time for relationships, and also keep half an hour for  personal activities that you love (like reading)  to maintain a balanced life.

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We cannot always be productive. We need to  take a break to recharge so we can bloom again.
Don’t beat yourself up for taking a bit of rest.
#womensupportingwomen #lifetips #womenempowerment #tipsforsuccess #tipsforlife
1. Identify the source: Sometimes it’s a person, sometimes it’s a website (we compare ourselves with others on social media much more than we realise) and sometimes it is an incident which is a trigger. Find out what causes you to spiral.

2. Process  Negative Thoughts: If you feel that you are overweight, think about how fortunate you are to have a body that is healthy. If you feel you missed out on a promotion you deserve, allow yourself to mourn that loss. It’s OKAY to feel bad. Everything in life can’t be positive.

3.  Journal: This has truly helped me. At the end of the day when I write in my journal  I feel so grateful for whatever is going right in my life. Check my channel ‘Inner Circle’ for what I write in my journal

4.  Affirmations: Repeat uplifting statements has a huge positive effect. I have given away what I write in my journal in my channel ‘Inner Circle’. Check it out.

5.  Do one Positive thing for yourself:  Treat yourself to one thing that gives you joy. For me it’s making a page daily in my art journal. Check out @preetishenoyart

6. Exercise : I can’t tell you what a HUGE role this plays in my life. So much of feel-good endorphins! Check out the list of INSPIRING women I follow for fitness— @cheryl.c.coulombe @trainwithjoan and @mcfmoya 

7. Practice Self-Compassion: What would your best friend tell you? Say the same to yourself. You deserve love and kindness.

8. Limit Social Media: Do not scroll mindlessly. You will feel worse. READ instead! Check out my 16 books which are easy to read and extremely relatable  about ordinary women who overcome tough problems.
9. Set Realistic Goals: If I cannot write 2500 words, I write 1000. If I can’t manage 1000, I do 500. If I can’t even manage that, I forgive myself and start over the next day!

Continued in comments 👇🏽👇🏽
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